SymbiMUN 2017

In today's world, we strive to ensure that students possess general knowledge. We want them to know about everything that is taking place around us. However, there is a big difference between general knowledge and general awareness. While general knowledge is about knowing facts and occurrences around us, general awareness is the ability to apply this acquired knowledge and to understand its relevance to ourselves. Any issue taking place across the world, be it in Syria or Nigeria, has an impact on us. Understanding this is the key to general awareness and this is what is imperative in today's times. 

Model United Nations provide a platform for general and global awareness, while also ensuring that students develop a range of skill sets such as diplomacy, team work, collaborative problem solving among many others through direct simulations of the United Nations and its committees. At SymbiMUN 2017, our endeavour is to organize one such conference which shall serve as a holistic learning tool for students across the country. 

With innovative committees and comprehensive agendas, we are sure that students are going to come out as much better individuals at the end of the conference. We do hope to have enlightening days of debate and discussion through thought provoking deliberations and subsequent formal documentation that will contribute towards the greater good. 

Organized in association with MUN World India, a nationally renowned skill set and MUN training organization, we are sure that the conference is going to be a great experience for all participants. 

MUN World India

One day my nation is sure to fly, with these wings which at present dormant lie. And whether anyone else is there or not, we shall be there to see it off...

These words by our Founder and Managing Director, Anansh Prasad perfectly summarise what this enterprise is all about. As a set of youthful, buzzing, eclectic and enterprising graduates who envisage a nation where every student possesses the power to analyse, debate, deliberate and most importantly express themselves, MUN World India endeavours to spread the spirit of the aforementioned among the today's youth through its various programmes, features and undertakings.

Having been founded over 3 and a half years back, MUN World India now has 5 well received and structured educational programmes (LEAD, ARC, Enlighten MUN and Emergence) which help students develop different soft skills, confidence, conviction, awareness etc and has spread to over 5000 students in over 55 different institutions across India.  Apart from this, MUN World India organizes numerous youth oriented events trying to further the spirit of expression among students of all ages. It has organized numerous literary events, knowledge oriented events, quizzes and a plethora events which have had a far-reaching impact on the youth.

As MUN World India continues to positively influence and impact the youth of the country, its vision has grown with its outreach. We are soon going to release numerous other facilities and features for that will greatly benefit one and all while helping us fulfil our basic objective - 'Broadening Outlooks, Expanding Horizons... For further information: Visit us @ www.munworldindia.com

Symbiosis International School, Pune

We aim to redefine a child's life with grace and confidence. We aim to impart education with befitting practices, to inculcate good working habits, imbibe suitable social and cultural values. Our main aim is to promote 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' - a Sanskrit phrase whch means 'the world is one family'. We aspire to spread international understanding among our students through education.