Info for Overseas Students

If you are an overseas student, it is advisable to find out from the nearest Indian Diplomatic Mission about travel, health and other documents that are required before coming to India. The documents listed below are necessary for international students coming to India:

  • Valid passport
  • Student visa – regular or provisional

Information regarding customs and baggage rules is available with the Indian Diplomatic Missions abroad. Students are advised to consult these rules before coming to India. If you are an overseas student and wish to apply for admission to Symbiosis International School, you will be required to present the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport and visa (if visa obtained)
  • School Leaving Certificate from previous school (counter-signed by the competent authority of the education ministry or by the competent authority of the Indian Diplomatic Mission)
  • Copies of transcripts of reports of the last 2 years from the former school
  • Copy of FRO