Music Studio

When words fail, Music Speaks. - H.C. Anderson

"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music" - Sergei Rachmaninov

Music plays an important role in a school and hence we at Symbiosis international school offer music right from the small age group.

The Early Year Programme is exposed to exploration of music through action songs and dance as well. The PYP curriculum is based fully on the IB guidelines and letting students explore music from their perspective using stand-alone music units and also integrate it with the other disciplines.

As students graduate to the Middle school, the curriculum is based on the MYP guidelines and units are designed in order to enhance their research and musical skills and grow in it. We have students from the Pastoral care joining regular classes for Music and thereby building up their musical skills.

In IGCSE and DP, students are offered the Trinity Rock and Pop course and can select from Vocals, Drums, Guitar or Keyboard. They are trained in one of the disciplines and depending on their skill set, their grade level is finalized and are registered for the Trinity Rock and Pop examination, which is conducted in the School Music Studio.

The school Music Studio is open for the whole Symbiosis family, which includes students, parents, facilitators and the admin staff. The studio includes separate rooms for Vocals, Drums, Guitar and Keyboard, thereby enabling students to enjoy their learning and practice whenever required.

As the music scenario keeps updating, we plan to upgrade this studio with new equipment and technology and thereby keep in line with the present.