Nadia Patel

PYP Coordinator - Curriculum

Nadia Patel is leading a team of trained facilitators providing a curriculum that brings international-mindedness to the school community. A firm believer in quality education and has long been a strong proponent of the IB Programmes, she fully understands the value for holistic education offered by the IB Programmes at all levels as opposed to unquestioned rote-based learning.

As an elementary educator, Nadia Patel is genuinely passionate about bringing breakthrough innovation to the curriculum, by instilling a love for lifelong learning amongst learners in the primary years. She has completed her education from the Pune University and has attended several International Baccalaureate workshops to gain a global perspective on changing trends in teaching-learning cultures. She is actively engaged in delivering IBPYP since 2008. Her experience in various positions such as Homeroom facilitator of EYP and PYP, Member of the core committee, Math lead, and House Master has given her a hands-on and in-depth exposure towards Whole Education. Her core strengths are collaborative planning, concept driven curriculum and PYP exhibition. She has conducted training sessions for facilitators and parents of different schools on Multiple intelligence, Team building, Use of Visible thinking routines, Inquiry based teaching and Role of Mathematics. She embraces change and is not afraid to innovate, even in the face of resistance from others.

Her objective is to create age-appropriate stimulus for facilitating the fundamental development of young learners academically, emotionally and socially. With over 12 years of experience in the field of education, she is a strong believer in recreating curriculums to suit the needs of students, in order to accelerate higher order thinking and enabling students to bring dimension and depth to their learning. She is the link between the school and IBO and ensures implementation of the IBPYP. She regularly meets with each facilitator to help plan and reflect on teaching and learning, assessments and mentor facilitators new to PYP.

She is a leader who is enthusiastic about learning, empowers and innovates to activate change and shape culture. She is constantly striving to encourage true inquiry, aiming to get students to think more deeply thinking about thinking itself. She is excited when real, meaningful inquiry is happening in school. She enjoys teaching with, and learning from, other teachers who share a vision of teaching.