Science Labs

Science is an exceptionally important subject, and it's vital that children lay the foundations of their scientific understanding at school. At Symbiosis, we provide an interactive environment for learners by using the sophisticated laboratories for learning scientific concepts. We prioritize the teaching of scientific enquiry skills, giving the children the opportunity to learn through practical experience.

At Symbiosis department of sciences, we are aided with specialized and well equipped Physics, Chemistry, biology and Environmental Science laboratories. Demonstration of experiments on a regular basis and hands-on experience are provided to the learners as a part of their curriculum. Maintenance of the equipment like centrifuge, colourimeter, microscopes, water quality testing kits, data loggers, travelling microscopes, motion sensors, spectrometer to name a few are done as per the requirement.

At Symbiosis, safety measures are given at most importance. Students are made familiar with the safety rules to be followed while handling laboratory equipment. Posters for the same are displayed at various places in all the labs. Students are provided with lab coats, goggles and hand gloves during the laboratory sessions. The students are constantly supported and supervised by trained lab assistants and facilitators.