Senior Library & Junior Library

Senior Library

The senior library in Symbiosis International School is potentially a central link for promoting and facilitating effective teaching and learning across the curriculum. It provides attention on the MYP personal project and the DP Extended Essay introducing the students to enhanced critical, creative and analytical thinking. Additionally, providing insights on research and citation skills and by producing related knowledge products, which are often web-based (such as guides to citation and bibliography construction). Providing a live collection of past essays is a powerful tool for students facing a daunting academic challenge, while additional support takes in everything up and including help with the abstract-writing requirement.

Junior Library

The Junior Library is a learning hub that supports and enhances the IB Curriculum and is accessible for students of PYP. It models the IB learner profile and PYP attitudes through children's literature. Junior library reflects and represents the diverse learning styles, cultures, beliefs and mother tongue languages of students within the school. The library helps students learn information skills connected to the unit of inquiry. We aim at teaching students research skills using library-based assignments and the Super 3 research model. The library has interactive displays to talk about books/authors. The library provides and uses multiple resources representing multiple perspectives. It incorporates multimedia resources. Through the library, we instil a love for reading and equip our students for lifelong learning.