Theatre Arts is the subject that shapes the personality. It is the best tool for edutainment. Children have a great imagination and are the fountain of creativity. To channelize their enthusiasm, creative mind proactively Drama is introduced to the students as a regular subject from grades EYP to MSP 3.

In IGCSE the students choose Drama as their subject for the CIE Board exams.

The theatre is one of the best soul mate to be a lifelong learner. It guides the child to be a good

  • Communicator
  • Confident
  • Responsible
  • Reflective
  • Innovative
  • Engaged
  • Open minded - Internationally, interculturally.
  • The school provides (make available) the opportunities to participate in competitions like THESPO Skit competition, Perform in Theatrics, Literature week presenting characters, role plays and concerts.

A good audience is a good actor. They are assessed by the facilitators and also by their peers.