Mr. M. Madan Mohan

Vice Principal & IBDP Coordinator
An educationist in pursuit of excellence.

M Madan Mohan is the DP coordinator who leads a team of dedicated and highly motivated facilitators. He trains, motivates and guides his team with utter sincerity and pride.

In today's world where the pride of place is given to the human intellect and yet many are far from having the means to avail this most basic of human rights, he has shown that we can pave a way for defining better education standards by adopting the task of educating children, regardless of their origin. It is with such conviction that he has taken up the responsibility of coordinating the IBDP of Symbiosis International School.

He believes that everyone has within us the spark to create a wider network of educated and well-meaning individuals. He dreams big and has every time proved right by successfully implementing his Big Dreams! Be it the CASCADE or IAYP. During his tenure, the school has earned a name not only for academics, few students achieving 44 points out of a possible 45 in IBDP in the year 2010, 2012, 2014 & 2016, but also making our school the centre for PRE SAT, SAT and the Trinity Rock and Pop examinations. These are reasons for our school obtaining an enviable position amongst the rest of the top International School in India.

Madan, as an individual, always makes an honest effort and puts his best foot forward. He is a risk taker in the true sense and remains calm and composed in the adverse of situations. The solutions he visualizes for problems that come his way are extraordinary and praiseworthy. He always sees only that which is missed by a normal eye! The IBDP of our school is heading towards better and better days with his able leadership.

The triumph of his leadership is reflected in the excellent results year after year.