In order to develop a sense of responsibility and discipline amongst the students, a strict code of conduct is followed. All students are expected to cooperate and strictly abide with the policies of the school. This involves self-discipline, respect, courtesy towards others and impeccable behaviour. Therefore, any student who shows disrespect, or continually disregards the school rules or the directions of a teacher will be penalized for his/her actions. We impart to our students values and all the essential information to survive in an increasingly complicated and international society. An essential rule for demeanour at SIS is ‘Behave Sensibly’. Any matter not mentioned in the list falls under this rule. If any student has difficulty of acquainting with what is sensible, our staff members will be privileged to help.

The Principal can in the interest of the School, and without assigning any reasons, ask a parent to withdraw their child, should his/her conduct, behaviour or influence, in the Principal opinion, be in any way detrimental to the good name and smooth running of the School.

Irregular attendance, habitual lack of interest in School work, words or actions departing from the conventions of the good conduct, smoking, consumptions of alcohol or drugs, insubordination, cheating, stealing, misconduct, even outside the premises of the School, or any other malpractice, are reasons enough to ask for withdrawal of a student from the school.

A student who fails twice in class IX or XI will have his/her name struck off the School rolls.

Parents or guardians cannot dictate to the Management, and the Management has the right to say on what conditions it will admit or retain a student in this School. Students must not take part in any political activities.

Any student who is persistently and repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations, or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehaviour, or who, in the opinion of the Principal/ Dean, has an unwholesome influence on the students, may be expelled permanently or removed for a specified period by the Principal/ Dean on the advice of Administration.

A Yellow card will be issued if a child behaves in an undisciplined manner in school, despite warnings. If there is no improvement in his/her behaviour, then a Green card will be issued. If the child still continues to show no improvement in his/her behaviour, then a pink card will be issued and the child will be asked to be withdrawn from the Institution.

Decorum to be maintained

To believes that Education beings at home. Misbehaviour with the staff by any Parent/Students will be viewed very seriously and the SIS Management my ask the parent inculcate and foster positive behaviour and positive culture within the school, SIS firmly to withdraw the child from the school.

No parent is authorized to criticize the school administration publicly. In case of any grievances (academics) they may contact the Coordinator concerned or the Principal with prior appointment. Incase of matters related to administration they may contact the Dean Administration or the Principal with prior appointment.

The SIS Management reserves the right to amend any rule at any time without any prior notification. The SIS Management decision will be final in all matters.

Out of Bounds

In accordance to safety issues the students are not permitted to move about in certain areas of the campus unless accompanied by a teacher:
  • The PE store, Science labs and ICT Labs when a teacher is not present.
  • Facilitators’ room and Thespian’s Room
  • The boarding houses other than his own
  • The maintenance department, kitchens and store rooms
  • The school campus for boarders and day boarders during vacations except without prior permission from a member of the faculty
  • All service areas like canteen and changing rooms

Leaving Campus

In compliance with safety, the students are warned against leaving the campus, sports venue and CAS Venue during school hours . A written permission from the Principal or the Coordinator or the faculty in absence of the Principal is mandatory to leave the campus.


Is one of the sanctions that schools can use on disciplinary grounds. Teachers may assign classroom detentions as a consequence for inappropriate behaviour. Regular School Detention that is organized on a Rota basis by teachers can be instituted if a majority of faculty considers it helpful.

Suspension and expulsion

Are serious matters to be addressed in accordance with established school procedures. The Principal or the Senior Management Team member who is in-charge of the school in his/her absence has the authority to suspend or expel a student. Both are used in moderation and would usually result if the student has demonstrated continuing disregard of school rules for which other means of discipline have proven ineffectual.

Corporal punishment, formal or informal, is not used under any circumstances. Discipline is a crucial element of school life and the school along with the parents is responsible for promoting ethical behaviour and discipline. Students who lack self-discipline or who violate the rights of others can expect disciplinary action. Each offence will be dealt with on an individual basis according to the age of the student, the nature of the infringement and severity of the case. Any student who shows disrespect, persistently disregards the school rules or the directions of a teacher, who disturbs a class and demonstrates unbefitting conduct, will be held accountable for his/her action. The school's discipline policy needs to be consistently applied by school authorities in handling disruptive behaviour. The severity of the situation must be recognized and punishment should not be the way out if the offence is less significant. When the punishment is given it should be positive and benefit the student in improving his conduct. Extra work or the repetition of inadequate work may often be an appropriate corrective measure. Teachers are requested to report unsatisfactory work or behaviour on “Non Statis” slips. In cases of continual disciplinary violation, the teacher will appraise the principal of the situation. On consultation with the faculty the principal will decide to position students with three or more “statis slips” on daily report or award detentions. All slips are kept in the students file for future reference.


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