Middle Years Programme

The SIS Special Middle School Programme offers an educational approach that embraces yet transcends traditional school subjects. While insisting upon thorough study of the various disciplines, this programme accentuates the interrelatedness of them and so advances a holistic view of knowledge. Children are encouraged to develop intercultural understanding of their own history and traditions. In stressing communication, this programme places fundamental importance on achieving firm command of one’s own language and on the acquisition of a foreign language for effective conversation. It also aims to develop the awareness of the media and information technology.

The SIS Special Middle School Programme is designed for students in the age range of 11-14 years. It is a complete and coherent programme that provides a framework of academic challenge and life skills appropriate to this stage of adolescence, woven through the treats of emotional and multiple intelligences. Because the educational philosophy and goals of this programme are consistent with the Primary years programme, this serves as an excellent preparation for the Diploma Programme through IGCSE (Grade-IX & X). Additional inputs of Science, Mathematics and English are cutting edges of this special programme. The process of assessment is in consonance with SIS Special Middle Years Programme and preparation for IGCSE. The training of the faculty which is a challenge in the ever changing academic scenario has been taken care by making all arrangements to enroll our faculty for national and international workshops targeted to enhance, their pedagogical and content knowledge from time to time.

The student’s intellectual, social and emotional development is the focus of the SIS Special Middle School Programme. The approaches to learning through Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence form the distinctive core of the circular curriculum model of SIS Special Middle Years Programme. The curriculum model places utmost importance on child centered teaching and learning .It encompasses the six traditional subject groups namely English, Math, Science, Computer Technology, Humanities and Second Language(French, Spanish & Hindi) and non academic subjects like Physical Education, Theatre ,Music & Visual Art . The approaches to learning is the flagship element of the programme which provides new dimension to child centric approach to teaching and learning. These are not mere academic subjects but common themes embedded within and visible across the specific disciplines.