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  • Blossom de Souza

    Just a small note to let you know that my husband and me have been really impressed with Ms. Monika K who has been our son- Mark's class teacher this year.

    Her dedication , patience and calm composure has been reflected in Mark's day to day performance. He is ever so enthusiastic to get home and research for information and new ideas to improve his understanding of what his "Ma'am" taught that day.

    We are delighted that every aspect of his personality is being understood by his teachers( In class and at playtime) We would like to congratulate you and these teachers for giving their total commitment towards all our children.

    Keep it up!!
  • Anantha Rusum

    We brought our child to Symbiosis when he was 3 .He was talking mono-syllables and had severe anxiety issues. Now he is 6 years old, makes his own little sentences, expresses himself loud and clear, and conducts himself in a very well-behaved way in school and even outside environment to a considerable extent. Pastoral team has been the backbone for his progress. The best thing about the department is that they nail the issue to the core and work on the solutions for the same. They have worked hard for the progress on our child and he has shown great improvement in his reading, writing and his vocabulary skills. We thank Pastoral team for the tremendous effort they put in all the children. Their dedication and commitment is highly commendable.
  • Mrs. Georgina & Mr. Jyoti Sharma

    Our daughter just started attending Symbiosis’s Pastoral Care this year. It was a big decision for us to send her to Pastoral Care because of long distance. We have been very impressed with the faculty overall so we were pleased with our decision.

    Deepa Prasad Madam is so amazing, she is so connected with kids that she always addresses Pastoral kids as “My kids or our Kid” in every meet, which we personally like about her. She is so motivated, determinate, focused and doing her tough job pretty well of managing kids, parents etc. We were thrilled that our daughter’s teacher Mr. Rakesh More so readily and willingly took an interest in my daughter's education and creatively found ways to challenge her. We are quite impressed with him, the way he is putting efforts, making plans and working on our kid is commendable. Even he is helping us by providing priceless tips to help our daughter improve. Her Speech therapist Mrs. Preeti Pereira is awesome, she identified all strength and weakness of our daughter in no time and really working hard with her...The way our daughter is bonding with teachers especially with Dorothy Moses, Dipika and Dipali is very pleasantly surprising us and we feel so happy about it... Last but not the least Two Didis Aparna and Madhuri are too taking good care of our daughter. We know our kiddo giving tough time but we really want to appreciate each one of you @ Pastoral Care for your hard work, dedication and patience with her.

    We are thrilled with the quality of the education and personalized care for our kid at Pastoral Care.  Parents and child are respected and valued; working together with the teachers for the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development of the child.  Regular communication is a priority, and we appreciate the availability and accessibility of communication, in-person, via e-mail, etc…  We have also enjoyed getting to know our school community and meeting many wonderful parents here….

    Our child is happy and thriving at Pastoral Care!
  • Deepti and Avinash Panicker

    Coming to Pastoral Care for Arjun was a God's blessing for us! We can say that with utmost trust that our child couldn't have been in better hands. This team is absolutely the best team of professionals under one roof in the entire country !

    They are the most compassionate special educators we've met. In us they have instilled immense amount of faith and we trust their judgement implicitly. If not for them we couldn't have been able to see our child meet his crucial and remarkable milestones.

    Despite dealing with kids with special needs .. They are forever smiling and always willing to walk the extra mile. We are truly honoured to have them in our life ! They are indeed the crown jewel of SIS.
  • Adhishree & Akshay Labhsetwar

    We began our journey with the Pastoral care team about 5 years ago. Over these years, we have seen Aashni, our daughter blossom and progress each day. Aashni has acquired valuable social skills such as communicating with others, emotional agility, and has become more independent and cooperative. There is a sense of pride and confidence that has been instilled in her. We’re certain this will help her for a life time. We totally agree to the assessments and observations made by the teachers. Sometimes, we feel that it’s Deepali Ma’am who knows and understand Aashni more than we do as her parents!

    The love and affection provided my Deepali Ma’am and the entire Pastoral Care team is overwhelming. It heartening to see the nurturing environment provided to our kids.”
  • Roozbeh Contractor

    Though Thanksgiving holiday is still few weeks away, In the spirit of that Thanks giving holiday, I want to say a big “Thank you” for all that you have taught my child and for the various lessons that you have imparted to her. Hope that she will remember all that you have taught her but what she will certainly remember most is that someone cared not just about her ability to do her routine tasks, but about her, as a person. Our sincere gratitude for your patience, dedication and unflinching commitment towards the cause of making learning so much more relevant and fun for Meher and other similar kids.They say that “ A child with special needs will inspire you to be a special kind of person”, The way Meher inspires me to be that special kind of person, I’m sure she too would have inspired you in a similar manner.

    Once again a big “Thank you” for making a difference in Meher’s life. We will always be in debt to you.

    Keep teaching, inspiring and impacting lives of many more children with special needs!
  • Mahesh Deshpande & Preeti Deshpande

    Thank you Symbiosis for nurturing the Pastoral care department. Today it is a real challenge to get education for our special children. However, PC dept with their dedication and very personal approach have made this easy for us. Especially with our child we always found it could have been impossible to have a daily school routine, today we came a long way with Pastoral Care.

    Our child can relate to the world of Maths and Science , Reading and Comprehension.

    We look forward to a bright future of PC dept and wish them a good luck to continue their will in serving in this noble cause.
  • Mr & Mrs Tendulkar

    Thank you for all the personal attention and care for him since past year. We really appreciate that you have helped him grow in multiple dimensions and even got him to do some real good work.

    When we think about our son's sensory issues and the efforts that you are taking to settle them along with the academics is just amazing. You all know exactly how to get the work done from our son.

    We do not have enough words to thank you. 

    Truly Indebted.